Based in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Nancy Furlotti operates a private practice in Jungian analysis. In addition, Nancy Furlotti teaches at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles and the C. G. Jung Institute of Colorado. She was a founding board member of the Philemon Foundation and served as its president. The Philemon Foundation's mission is to publish the works of Carl Jung. While serving as its president, Nancy Furlotti was instrumental in the publication of The Red Book. She also worked tirelessly to ensure the publication of the correspondence between Carl Jung and Erich Neumann, the renown Israeli Jungian analyst and author of, The Great Mother and Origins and History of Consciousness. The correspondence will be published in 2014.

Working with dreams is an essential part of Jungian analysis. According to Jung, dreams offer considerable insight into the unconscious. They are considered to be "the royal road to the unconscious." Both Sigmund Freud and Jung believed that dreams represent a tie between unconscious man and his animal roots, as well as serving as messages from the psyche. Additionally, Jung speculated that dreams present people with healing and informative ideas that are free from the chatter and distraction of our conscious, and perhaps not so healthy lives.

Because of the similarities between the common themes and symbols in dreams of people all around the world, Jung postulated that these unconscious occurrences also connect man to nature and all of humanity. He speculated that dreams foretell events and help people deal with everyday issues, long-term dilemmas, and inner conflicts. Furthermore, Jungian theory maintains that those who profess not to dream may simply be so overloaded by activities or anxieties that dreams fall back into the unconscious before they are able to be grasped and brought fully into consciousness. At other times, our dreaming selves may be supportive and encouraging of the direction of our lives. 

Nancy Furlotti, along with Erel Shalit, have co-edited the soon to be published book on dreams called, The Dream and its Amplification, due out in June 2013. It offers important insights into working with dreams and may very well become a textbook on the subject. It is available on Amazon for pre-order.

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